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Journal of Pagels
Musings and Rantings of a Madman
If I don't see the next episode of 24 I may die.

I'd tell you more, but I can't trust anybody. I'm bugged. Freak out!

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Obama does Podcasts. Sweet.
Firefly has a Podcast fansite. Sweet.
World of Warcraft has a Podcast site. Sweet.

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I've been disgustingly busy lately, but I've still managed to keep up on the news. Since I don't have time to write out a long post about the Katrina disaster, I'd like to point all of you to dygel's post, which parallels my thoughts about the disaster, and some observations and commentary I agree with. There are roughly 78,000 homeless in New Orleans right now, so please try to put yourself in their shoes. Then, donate some money to the Red Cross to help out. I have.

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Please watch Hyperbolic Rhetoric. Watch, and laugh your ass off at the asinine statements of this Indiana representative.

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I decided to come up with a list of movies I've seen in the last few months. I've also decided to see how well my personal evaluation of movies would compare to those of my most trusted movie critic, Roger Ebert. This is the result.

Me: 3.5/4 Roger: 1.5/4

Batman Begins
Me: 4/4 Roger 4/4

Land of the Dead
Me: 3/4 Roger: 3/4

Star Wars: Episode III
Me: 3/4 Roger: 3.5/4

The Grudge:
Me: 1/4 Roger: 1/4

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Me: 2.5/4 Roger: 2/4

Me: 4/4 Roger: 3.5

Be Cool
Me: 2.5/4 Roger: 1.5/4

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This morning I leave my apartment to go to work. I look to the railing where I locked up my bicycle. It's gone. Stolen. Ganked. Sometime between 12:00am and 7:15am this morning. Now I'm going to go file a police report after I get off work. Wonderful. I wouldn't feel so poorly about having it stolen if it had been a bicycle I would've bought myself, but it was a particularly nice bike that Anthony gave to me when he moved away from Champaign, and I have always meant to give it back to him. I hope I get it back, and the fucker who took it.

Here's a image of what the book generally looked like.

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Okay, I'm tired of having to back up most of my files in the very tedious manner I have now. Can anyone recommend any programs to back up files onto CDs, DVDs, or network drives with any efficiency/automation?
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Holy shitcakes, Batman! This movie is fucking awesome!

Really. Go see this movie, it is A+ and clearly the best Batman movie yet. This is not a opinion, it's really a fact.

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Today, I turn 22 years old. I look foreward with more optimism for my future than a year ago. Bonds are closer, I've met more good people I can call friends, and become more independent. Those, and I still haven't accidentally killed myself.

I'm eating better, getting more exercise, but I can't help it, I'm getting older. I try anyway. Catch 22.

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CNN: Students Filibuster Against Frist at His Alma Mater

"At Princeton filibusterers can read, say, or do whatever they want
during their allotted time slot, political or not, said organizer Karen
Wolfgang, a junior from Portland Oregon. Some, like senior Sarah
Barbrow, stuck political commentary into their readings. In her
dramatic rendition of the Dr. Seuss story "What Was I Scared Of?" in
which the main character is scared of a pair of pants, she put down the
book and told the small audience, "These pants are pretty scary, guys.
Just like Frist."
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